FELIZ NAVIDAD: The Experience (Final)

(From Part 2)

“Don’t worry, I will be gentle on you, but if you misbehave, I will have no other option than to use force” he said “Lets eat, you will be meeting general by day break”
We ate and he made me laugh from time to time. He seemed to be nice that I almost forgot I was held hostage. After the meal, he pushed the cups to a corner of the room; spread the mat that was rolled close to the wall behind him.
“Lie down here” he said to me softly as he loosened his belts. All of a sudden I became nervous again and I could here a voice in my spirit say “it is time”… (READ THE FULL PART 2 HERE)


I shivered as I lay down on the mat, it was getting cold; I was only wearing my black short as it was the only thing I was on when I and Ikenna embarked on the soldier army rescue mission.

Fine boy pulled down his trouser and dropped it at a corner; he also pulled out his shirt, did same, and brought out a blanket from a bag.

“You must be cold”, he said to me as he lay beside me “place your head on my chest”, I did and he wrapped his arm around me Thoughts battled within me, each thought fighting to be noticed.

“No fear, I no fit do you bad thing. I just see you as my younger brother, if it were in my power, I would save you, but as it isn’t, I will give you all the help I can” He turned his face towards me “Hope you did not take what those guys said about me seriously?” he laughed. It looked weird to see him laugh out loud; all he had done was smile ever since I met him. “They are just two old fools” he said almost whispering. I was amused at the way he said it and we both laughed.

“But what am I here for?” I inquired

“I don’t know, only the general can tell”, he replied

“Who is this general? What does he do? Who is Mr Yaro? What…”

“Enough of the questions Tobe, sleep, tomorrow is going to be a long day”

I wondered how I was going to sleep with such state of mind, I could not help thinking of what the general will be like, what he was going to do to me, “one last thing sir please is your name Fine boy?”

“Alex, call me Alex, I shouldn’t have told you though” he replied jokingly.

The thought of Ikenna’s safety crossed my mind again, the last thing I remembered was him saying, “I did not lock the door”. Where could he be? What about my family? How come no one heard the noise or saw us being taken away?

“Do you know where Ikenna is?” I asked innocently

“Who is Ikenna?” Alex looked at me confused

“My little brother, he was with me when I was taken”

“Oh! I can’t say anything about him for now, wait until dawn, everything will be clear to you, only the General has the power to unfold the mystery”

Then there was this silence again, I noticed his heart beat fast as I laid my head on his chest. He all of a sudden seemed to be uncomfortable. He held my hand and rubbed it gently as he started a conversation.

“Where are you based?” he asked.

“Enugu city” I replied

“Are you in school?” he asked again

“I just finished SSCE” I replied

“So what do you want to study in the university?”

“I am still confused” I said shyly

“Hope you will do Christmas for me?” he asked smiling

“Yes” I replied shyly “that’s if I survive your general” I added

He sighed, held my hand tighter and said, “don’t worry, everything will be fine”

“Will I see you again if I am set free” I asked, he was really friendly and I was enjoying his company. We talked for a while till we fell asleep, once again, I forgot I was kidnapped.

“Wake up, wake up” Ikenna’s voice called. He tapped me on my back. We were back in my room.

“Is this you, Ike? What happened to you? Did they harm you?” I asked still sleepily

”I don‘t understand you bro Tobe, which people?”

“The people that attacked us, where is fine boy?”

“Who is fine boy?” Ikenna was getting more confused

“What about the general, did you finally get to meet him?”

“Brother, wake up. Wake up Wake up” he hit me harder, “someone just jumped into the compound” Ikenna said pushing me to wake up fully.

And immediately, I jumped up and unlike me, I didn’t run out of the bed with a red glazing eyes. I was calm. I had been dreaming since. I paused for a moment and the words of Ikenna flashed through my memory.

“What did you just say?” I asked

“I heard footsteps behind”, he pointed towards the direction of our backyard. His word brought a pause, I could feel everything halt, then there was silence, and we heard the foot steps draw closer to our door.

“SShh” I signalled Ikenna to get me my phone so that we will alert my father, I didn’t want what happened in the dream to repeat itself. Ikenna brought the phone, but by then the person pulled the handle of our door. Cold sweat ran down my veins.

“Brother I think calling dad is not the wise idea, they will see the light of your phone, I think we should strategize, afterall we are men” Ikenna whispered.

“This has passed we are men things o” I whispered back

“Are you not in boys scout? Be prepared”

We argued in whispers on what to do next, this time the person was banging the door, I looked at my time, and it was 10:12pm. Suddenly the person decided to speak,

“Tobe, Ike, open the door”

“Amuzie”, I called out

“Yes, open the door for me”. Ikenna rushed to open the door for Amuzie.

“Where are you coming from by this time and what happened to your room?” I asked worried and also recovering from fright.

“My room is occupied, uncle Igwe came in this night with his family and since the other rooms are dusty, daddy asked me to join you guys in your room, you guys are already sleeping by this time?” he asked. It was too early to sleep, especially in Enugu. We stayed awake till 2am watching television series.

“I was so tired from today’s work” I replied “you and Udo left the work for us na”

“Anyway meet my friend” Amuzie said, waving my defence aside “I had to sneak him in through the back door, I do not want daddy to see him since he came in late, he will be leaving tomorrow morning. Ken, show!” he called as Ken entered the room from outside, I looked up and to my greatest shock, it was the same fine boy I saw in my dream, just that in my dream, he was Alex not Ken. Then there was once again this awkward silence as we stared at each other.

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