A beautiful work of art,

You do it with your heart;

Draw attention,

Erase the tension;

Paint, stroke, brush and spill,

Spaces you try to fill.

Moments of endless gaze.

Any mistake could last all your days.

If it doesn’t go wrong,

It goes strong.

Walk side by slide,

Eyes blazing with pride.

It has no form,

It does not conform.

It could come at first sight,

It could start with cuddles at night,

It could be light,

It could be tight.

If you find the right partner is your fate,

That’s when it is great,

That’s when its beautiful as a dove,

That’s when it can be called love.

Love is a beautiful work of art,

You do it with your heart.

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I'm Dav-Oz, and  I'm the Chief Editor of The Dav-Oz Blog, a graphic designer and upcoming fashion designer.

I'm just your regular young Nigerian lad with dreams and hope for a better future.

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