The past week have been one of the most disturbing for almost all well meaning Nigerians. From the fight to gain possible reformation of the Nigerian system, to the shooting of these peaceful fighters (whose only weapon by the way were their voice) by allegedly the “Ogas at the top”, to the vandalism and looting of government & private properties by thugs and touts hiding under the same umbrella meant to achieve change, the country is still in a numb state trying to recover from the whole scenario. To better understand, below is an elegy that carefully narrates the ordeals of the Nation and how we got to where we are today.

LET’S LAY BLAMES by Nnamdi Dixon

Men without feeling,

When we run bleeding,

They sit leading

When we cry pleading,

They laugh feeding.

We struggle for a living,

Their visa is on standby for leaving.

They mess up the land we live in,

Same land they are about leaving.

Our land and soul are drying,

We were dying,

But they were lying.


“E get why” was their reason.

Citizens began to reason,

For great tribulation had risen.

We bled without healing,

Their joy was in our killing,

Our flesh, they loved peeling,

Our lips they’ve tried sealing,

“But it hurts” we kept saying,

They don’t deserve pitying.


Our senses started dropping,

Our integrity started falling,

It brought about stealing.

It led to fighting,

But let me ask, why the vandalizing?

It won’t end up paying.

Why playing

When we ought to be praying?

We should stand tall for what is right, no bending,

Even if our lives were ending,

Two wrongs cannot make a right, we will end up failing.

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