GBB: THE NURSERY RHYME (A Poem) by Nnamdi Dixon Onuoha

Good better best,
I shall never rest,
Until my good is better,
And my better best.

A picture of who I want to be,
An image you want the world to see.
A pressure, you just scream
Why me?

You try to be like Ernest,
He knows what to do next,
Seek first perfection, not seek next,
That’s a sickness.

If you must lie,
Lie in green pasture.
They prepare a table before you and ask you to fast,
Worse than walking in the valley of the shadow of death.

Hunger is not as easy as being kid danger,
It reduces action
With its chain reaction.
But you must work before you eat.

A lazy man is as good as dead,
You must push out former your bed.
Even if your eyes are blazing red,
Let the rhymes keep playing in your head.

Good better best,
Never let it rest.
Until your good is better.
And your better, best.

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