PURPOSE SERIES (Pt. 2) By Pastor Emmanuel Nzekwe

How does God call people?

God calls people through His Son Jesus and through Revelation from the written word of God.

Through His Son Jesus

“In the past, God spoke to our forefathers through the prophets at many times and in various ways, but in these last days He has spoken to us by His Son, whom He appointed heir of all things and through whom He made the universe. In these last days, God calls His people by His son Jesus. So, understanding how Jesus calls people or how Jesus was called by God gives us understanding of how God calls His people.”
Hebrews 1:1-2 NIV

The life and ministry of Jesus gives a template or pattern on how we can answer our calling, fulfill purpose here on earth and make a lasting impact.

Through Revelation from the written word of God

Jesus understood His calling from what was written about Him in the book of Psalms and Isaiah. As He read the prophets, He understood His purpose. He simply lived out what was written about Him. Our calling and purpose is already written in the Bible; this is hard to believe but it is there in the Bible if your eyes are opened to see to. As we study, meditate and pray daily, we receive revelation knowledge from the Scriptures concerning our purpose here on earth. We know our calling and purpose by understanding what is written of us in the Holy Scriptures.

God calls us to a PLACE at a particular SEASON for a PEOPLE to fulfill a particular PURPOSE.

These are the constants in our calling and purpose here on earth.

For Example;
Jesus was born and called in Israel during the Roman Empire for the lost sheep of Israel to bring redemption and salvation to mankind.
Paul was born and called in Israel during the Roman Empire to reach the gentiles and bring the gospel of Christ to the gentile nations.
Kenneth E.Hagin was born and called in USA during the great awakening to minister to the Christian community and teach the word of faith and minister healing to thousands of people.

You have to understand that
There’s a PLACE or LOCATION for your purpose to be fulfilled. There’s a TIME and SEASON for your manifestation. There’s are PEOPLE that you have been called to reach and you’re to fulfill a specific PURPOSE here on earth.
God will open your eyes to understand your PLACE, your SEASON, your PEOPLE and your PURPOSE.

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The 4 Levels of Purpose:

God passes us through stages and phases in our calling so that we can develop capacity and intimacy with Him.

In our calling, the first thing we notice is that God calls us unto anyhow WORK. We begin to do things that may not be related to our purpose. Works that may look irrelevant but we are made to do it.
For example, Jesus was doing the work of a carpenter which had no relevance to His earthly purpose. The same with David, who was called to be a king but he had to be in the bush doing the work of a Shepherd. It may have no relevance but it was a necessary step to the throne.
I have seen some people that God called to be great Apostles but they started with playing the keyboard in church. Some are called to be pioneers of great Universities but they are doing the work of a clerk in a hotel. Some are called to be great scientists and Professors but they are doing Sales work.

As you’re doing anyhow work, you begin to notice that you have a specific Gift. This gift is discovered and exercised as you do your work.
For David, as he was with the Sheep, he discovered he could play the harp and he could compose songs and Psalms. For me, I was just an Evangelism leader in my township fellowship carrying instruments every Sunday until one day I discovered that I have the gift of teaching.
Faithfully administering this gift takes you to the next level.
Do the work first then as you faithfully do “irrelevant work ” you will discover your gift.

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As you faithfully exercise your gift in the work that God gave you, God will give you a platform to bless others with your gifts. This platform is called MINISTRY. Ministry is a platform, an opportunity or an expression.
For example, as David was faithfully playing the harp in the bush and in the King’s Palace, an opportunity came for him to kill Goliath and that took him to the next level.
As Joseph was faithfully exercising his gifts at Potiphar’s house, a platform was given to him to manage the entire household.
As a minister is faithfully using his gift of teaching in a place, a church or para-church ministry is given to him by God to manage.
As a graphic designer is faithfully using his gift, a company is given to him as a ministry.
As for me, as I was faithfully using my gift of teaching in various places, God committed unto me the ministry called Uplifting City Church.
Faithfulness in using your gifts is the basic requirement for entering into your ministry.
To be continued

“And I thank Christ Jesus our Lord who has enabled me, because He counted me faithful, putting me into the ministry.”
1 Timothy 1:12 NKJV

As we faithfully do our ministry over time, God takes us to the level of assuming an OFFICE.
For example,
As Joseph was faithfully doing his ministry in the house of Potiphar, God promoted him to occupy the office of a Prime minister.
As David was faithfully working in the army of Israel, God ushered him to the throne as a king.
As Bishop David Oyedepo was faithfully doing his ministry in Kwara and Kaduna States, God promoted him to be a Prophet and a voice in Nigeria.
As Jesus was faithfully doing his ministry, God exalted Him and His name and made Him to be seated in the Heavenly places.
(an office)
One thing is constant in the lives of these great people, before any man can assume an OFFICE, there must be separation and death.
Separation from desires and ambitions, death to self, sin and personal agenda. God must separate you from the pursuit of things that don’t really matter, He will separate you from the desire to be known, seen and praised by people. He will purge you from the desire to outdo, out perform and outwit others. He will separate you from the desire to promote yourself.
The only way to the throne or an office is through death
David died to self in the cave of Adullam before he became king. Joseph died to self promotion in prison before he became Prime minister. Bishop David Oyedepo died to self before he became a voice and a force. Jesus died physically on the cross before He assumed the most exalted position.

My dear friends, I don’t know what God has called you to do here on earth. Maybe He has called you into business, church, music, technology, academics, politics etc. No calling is small or insignificant. Life is in stages and phases, live each stage well. Faithfully do your work and God will reward you in due season.
Stay blessed!


We have established that everyone is called by God to fulfill a particular purpose here on earth. The first step towards fulfilling God’s purpose for our lives is to leave something behind. We have to let go of some weights so that we can run the race well.
For example,
Abraham left his father’s house before he became the father of many nations.
Peter left his fishing business to be used by Jesus.
Jesus left the throne and glory in heaven and took upon himself the form of a servant.
Some people will have to stop watching movies, some will have to change their clothes, some will have to leave a good paying job, some will have to deny themselves of the pleasures of life, some will have to let go of some attitudes and way of life and some will have to change their diet.
You must leave something behind to embrace the new way of life that God has called you into. Leave behind anything that will hinder you from fulfilling God’s purpose for your life.


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