PURPOSE SERIES (Pt. 3) By Pastor Emmanuel Nzekwe

The biggest problem we have in fulfilling purpose is that we don’t value where we are located presently. We are always on the look out for better places, better jobs, better countries and better opportunities.


In your journey to fulfilling purpose, you must start where you are until God takes you to where you need to be.

“But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be witnesses to me in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.”
Acts 1:8 (NIV)

To fulfill purpose, start from Jerusalem first then with time you will get to the ends of the earth. Don’t begin by travelling to a far-off place looking for greener pastures. This place God has planted you is the best pasture… Stay there, stay faithful.

In our journey to fulfilling purpose here on earth, we must build a strong base of habits.


Develop a time of solitude by setting aside a time and place to give God undivided attention and devotion in prayer and Bible Study. This is how the old Evangelical Christians sustained their lives. You can’t go further in God’s agenda if you neglect consistent fellowship with Him. The old practice of quiet time in the presence of God gives us the Spiritual sustenance to living out God’s purpose for our lives. A strong base is a place of strength, nutrition, refuge, fellowship and protection. It is in this place that we get ideas, wisdom, concepts and innovations to change our world. Remember…

“If the clouds are full of water, they pour rain upon the earth.”
Ecclesiastes 11:3 (NIV)

In fulfilling purpose, understand the importance of community. A vision can be received in isolation but can only be fulfilled in a community. God gives us visions and ideas for exploits in life but He wants us to be planted in a community. A community where you’re edified, strengthened and equipped for your ministry.
* David needed his mighty men.
* Jesus had 12 disciples.
* Paul had his companions.

Find a community or a local church or a group of believers or strong relationships and settle there. Don’t be a lone ranger and don’t think you can accomplish anything without the effort of a community. (Psalm 67:6, Habakkuk 2:1-2)


In fulfilling purpose, motive is very important. If we do things based on what we can get or how it can benefit us, we will not get the best of God. The condition of your heart is more important to God than the works of your hands. The reason for doing something is more important than what you are doing. When you give, give with the right motive. When you pray, pray with the right motive. When you serve, serve with the right motive. When you show love, do it with the right motive. When you do ministry, do it with the right motive. We must build our future based on the will of God not on our selfish ambition.


In our quest to fulfill purpose and do great things in this life, we must build with the right material. We live in a society that cares more about success than how they became successful. God is more interested in the materials we use to build our future than what we are building.

To build a glorious future, we must build with the WORD OF GOD; His revealed will for our lives.
As a business man, don’t build your business with lies and the love for money rather build with contentment, honesty and integrity.
As a husband or wife, don’t build your marriage on beauty, riches and sexual pleasure, rather build with love and selflessness.
As a Pastor or gospel minister, don’t grow your local church or ministry with manipulation, deception and the wisdom of this world rather build with the Word of God and the Holy Spirit.
As a professional, don’t build your career with selfish ambition, endless titles and self glory rather build with God consciousness, humility and compassion for others.
As a Nigerian, don’t build your country with slander, corruption, tribalism and blame game rather build with heartfelt prayers, community involvement and good character.

Remember, Fire will test the material you use in building your future. Success at the moment doesn’t mean you did it the right way. Build with the Word of God that lasts forever.

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The Ultimate purpose of the believer is to be conformed to the Image of Christ; to be like Jesus.
Dear believer, building business, career and ministry is wonderful, evangelism is powerful, helping people is okay, reaching the nations is great but the most important thing in your journey to fulfilling purpose is to be like Jesus Christ.

When you’re like Jesus:
His Words will abide in you,
His mind will be your mind,
You will have His marks and
You will obey His mandate.

Jesus will only rapture those who are His Image.
Make it your priority to be like Jesus

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