The Nigerian Population demography is dominated by youth. However, they play little or no role in the political or economic sphere in this Country. They do not even know what is happening

A Nigerian Youth will crave more for an I-Phone than a voter’s card. When they participate in political activities, they are either the Internet Attack Dogs / praise singers that are given crumbs for data to attack enemies of their paymaster; or the political thugs that are paid peanuts to unleash chaos on election day. Note that, these happen while the children of their pay masters attend the choicest universities in the world and when they graduate, they get the best jobs in the land.

You’d never seen the child of a Politician at a Political Rally. They preserve their children for the best, while you risk your life and stake your reputation for them.

Also, the Nigerian Youth do not get their priorities right. Most of them do not read newspapers or watch Local or International News. That is why They are always looking jobs while jobs are looking for those that know how to find them.

The Family as the most important component of Society, has failed in grooming the youth. Some Mothers and Fathers no longer uphold the high moral grounds some of us were brought up in. They are only interested in materialistic acquisitions which in turn, fuels internet frauds (Yahoo Yahoo ) and prostitution (Runs).

I feel Sorry for some of the next generation of children. The decadence shall be unimaginable! Societal frabrics have been torn apart. We now live in dangerous times. The time of well package rituals also known as Yahoo Plus.

Dr. K.O. Mbadiwe said this about Nigeria over 50 Years ago, which is still true till today:

“Man is living a false lifestyle in a wrong Society, a Society where Morons are Barons, a Society where thieves are Chiefs and a Society where Monkey dey work, baboon dey chop “

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