Hello, I’m Terry Kalum, you can call me Terry. Welcome to my safe space. A little disclaimer though, I’ll be talking about a lot of stuff that might or might not infuriate you. And I’m banking my money on the ‘might‘.

Before you think I’m a low life degenerate, let me tell you a bit of myself. My parents are really religious, like REALLY religious. In other words, I was raised “right” (Don’t ask me how I turned out this way). I went to pretty religious schools and at a point, they thought I was going to be a priest, Ha!! Joke’s on them.  But don’t get me wrong, I love the lord, I believe there’s a God up there in heaven and I love him, I just believe religion is horseshit. The German sociologist and economic theorist Karl Marx put it succinctly when he said that religion is the opium of the masses. In case you don’t know what opium is, it’s a recreational drug, like cocaine or heroin, yea think about that.

I’m a fresh graduate, hoping the labor market goes easy on me, I don’t believe in love, don’t believe in the institution of marriage although I might end up getting married, societal pressure can do that to a person (Like I said, ‘might’). I’m pro-choice, pro LGBTQ and all the letters yet to be added, pro-minority rights and an unapologetic, happy, male feminist.

So join me as we explore my deepest, wildest, most secret thoughts.

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I'm Dav-Oz, and  I'm the Chief Editor of The Dav-Oz Blog, a graphic designer and upcoming fashion designer.

I'm just your regular young Nigerian lad with dreams and hope for a better future.

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